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This workshop is ideal for anyone who want to get started with building Embedded Linux using Yocto project. Offered in weekends our Yocto Embedded Linux Training course in Bangalore will enable you to create custom Embedded Linux distribution. Starting with Yocto project organization, this workshop covers templates, tools and methods in a hands-on manner. You will also gain knowledge about writing recipes and adding layers for your custom application. By the end of the workshop you will have your custom Linux running in an embedded target.

Day 1 - Yocto Embedded Linux BSP Workshop
   Yocto Embedded Linux BSP Workshop
  • Yocto Introduction
  • Configuration files
    • -local.conf
    • -machine.conf
    • -distro.conf
  Boot Process from PowerOn
  • Primary Boot Loader
  • Main Boot Loader ( U-Boot / Barebox )
  • Kernel & Root File System
  • Flashing Images using TFTP( BootLoader, Kernel, RFS )
  • Cross compile C app and Execute on Target
  Bitbake usage
  • Recipes and layers
    • Create new layer
    • Create new recipe
    • Recipe tasks
  Writing new recipe
  • Basic examples recipes(hello.bb)
   Customizing recipes
  • Customizing existing recipes (.bb)
  • Create .bbappend file for existing recipe
  Git usage in yocto
  Create and apply patches

Day 2 - Yocto Embedded Linux BSP Workshop
   Kernel support Yocto Introduction
  • Adding linux kernel to machine
  • Create and Apply patches to kernel
  • Provide new defconfing to kernel
  • Providing configuration fragments
  • Adding new kernel versions to machine
  Bootloader support
  • Adding bootloader to machine
  • Create and Apply patches to bootloader
  • Setting New defconfing to bootloader
  • Providing configuration fragments
  • Adding new bootloader versions to machine
  Menu config support for kernel and Bootloader
 Integrating IOT Packages to Yocto
  • Examples: MQTT, libcoap., etc.
  Building root file system
  • Modify existing rootfs image recipe
  • Selecting types of root file system images
   Custom Yocto BSP
  • Create new Machine
    • New machine support in kernel
    • New machine support in boot loader
    • Crete new rootfs image